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Hi-Robot 320W LED Stadium Flood Light For Outdoor Tennis Court


Project Label: 320W LED Stadium Flood Light For Tennis Court 6PCS in USA.


Basic info:

Size of playing ground: Six standard Tennis Courts(36.58m*18.29m)

Height:15 meters

Average illuminance required:500lux 0.7 uniformity

Installation Date: July,2019



Product Used:320W Stadium Led High Mast Light

-Using 48pcs 320W Stadium Led Flood Light(HS-HM320W-A)

-Beam Angle:45 degree 




Feedback from our USA customers:Awesome Effect.

Totally 6 tennis courts in USA. 8PCS HS-HM320W-A 45 degree lens 160lm/w 4 poles. The average lux is 520lux,and achieve 0.73 lighting uniformity.We using anti-glare lens that reduce the dazzling effect by 40%.Not only that, our 5050 led chip will save customers 70% of the electricity bill every day!

There are 3 classes of illumination classification in accordance with the ITF's tennis court lighting recommendation. Class I is the most professional, fo the international competitions such as Wimbledon Championships. And this poject has reached this Class I standards (500lux 0.7 uniformity)

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Hishine Lighting Expert Provide Free Dialux Simulation

As we all know, lighting is important for tennis court. Led Stadium Light is the best solution because of its high bightness, energy efficiency,uniformity and durability.We manufacture the high energy efficient and cost-effective outdoor sports lighting that saves 75% to 90% energy when comparing to the traditional lighting fixtues.

Hishine Group Limited. We deliver quality yet budget-friendly lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor tennis fields. So when you want to upgrade your tennis courts, Please feel free to contact our sales engineer for more info.


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