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The Lighting Cost of Softball Field and Baseball Field

The Lighting Cost of Softball Field and Baseball Field

For athletes and audiences, Baseball stadium lighting is very important. The game can be held day and night. However, most of the competitions are more interesting to watch at night. Therefore, the baseball field should configure excellent lighting. For baseball athletes, they need a clear vision to play well and the safety of the athletes is also guaranteed. The last thing you want to watch in this game is that the athletes hit each other with bats. Dim lighting can cause a lot of injuries. The audience also needs to watch the team that they liked, otherwise, how will they cheer for the players?

The difference between softball and baseball is the bat. The bat of a baseball is heavier and longer than that of a softball. The baseball and softball are both white with red pins. But their difference is circumference, baseball is for 9 inches, and softball is 12 for 12 inches. The unique thing about pitching is that baseball makes the ball 60 feet above the plate. Softball throws the ball on a plate 43 feet away from the plane.


The Cost of Baseball Field Lighting

Buying a LED light for baseball field will cost about 20,000 to 60,000 US dollars. The maintenance charge of LEDs is the lowest due to its legality. MLB will allow you to use $90,000 to $170,000 heavily. In recent years, due to the large demand for safety lights, prices have soared.

In China, the price of a standard baseball stadium light will be approximately $35,000 to $95,000. In the United States, the same lamp will be priced at $140,000 to $250,000. The budget of LED light will be $700 per month, but the use of metal halide lamps costs approximately US$1,400 per month.

For a baseball field lights project, different companies will provide different prices. In general, you can expect 30% to 80% of the purchase price.


Factors affecting lighting costs

The cost of building a proper lighting system depends on certain factors. You may need to pay additional fees or lower the price, depending on the following circumstances.

1.The Origin of the Manufacturer

The manufacturer of lighting equipment may come from China, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. When you buy in bulk, the price in China is the cheapest. Nowadays is the digital world, you can order goods online. Lighting materials in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom are expensive. It is really expensive to buy them in these three countries. This is because factory rents, labor, and material prices have increased. You will eventually spend more money to prepare for the baseball field. Remember, installation costs are also waiting for you.

2.The Size of Stadium

When purchasing materials, please keep this question in mind. What is the size of the softball field and baseball field? In this way, you will know what to budget. Therefore, if you have a large area, then you will need a large budget. This is because of the large field of view required for maximum light to get proper lighting. The sports field needs more light to the entire field of view sufficient lighting. Low prices in the small baseball field and its budget required will be short. The lighting area does not need too much-LED light. However, the light should not be dazzling because it will affect the line of sight. Therefore, uniformity is very important.

3.The Height of the pole

The pole-high softball field and baseball field will require a lot of lighting. The height may be about 15 to 50 meters. If the pole is high, the light will not reach the surface fast. It has been lost to the air before touching the ground. Therefore, the price of buying and installing lights will definitely exceed the roof. Installing them is also a challenge.

Baseball lights with brackets will be economical. First, the cost you will spend on the purchase is quite low. Less power is required for lighting. Due to the fast installation speed, your costs will also be reduced.

4.The Types of Lights

The baseball field have different types of light for options. Compared with HP's floodlights, metal halide or halogen lamps are cheaper, LED light is more expensive than all lamps. First, you will have a completely different idea about lights. When you get something cheap, you feel good and you will save a lot of money. However, in the end, you will be disappointed.

For example, a 500-watt halogen lamp costs between 30 and 70 dollars, and a 500-watt LED lamp costs between 500 and 800 dollars. A baseball field or a softball field requires 10 halogen lamps, each lamp is with 500 watts, can be compared with one LED light. The halogen lamp must be replaced from time to time, which is expensive. And they will lose brightness in a short time. Therefore, LED is the best choice. Even if you pay a high price, you can maintain stable lighting for a long time.


How to earn the cost of Baseball field Lights?

When we are choosing a baseball field and softball field lights, we can consider buying suitable lamps from the following. When considering the cost of stadium lighting, we must not only consider the cost of the lights, but also the installation and subsequent maintenance. High-quality stadium lights allow you to save a lot of labor costs in installation and maintenance.

1. Consider efficient lighting

First, buy energy-saving lamps. Therefore, the best choice will be LED lights. Compared with metal halide lamps, you can save $800 per month. LED can save up to 80% of energy, you will pay a lower cost for this. LED lights also have only light control.

2. Install correctly

It is also important to point the light in the right direction. It saves money and time. Choose adjustable angle lamps, high-altitude operations can quickly locate and install. If the lights are not installed correctly, a lot of time and lighting will be wasted. Use properly installed lights to illuminate the scene. At any time, even distribution is essential.

3. Buy high-quality baseball field and softball field lights

LED lighting is the most suitable choice. With the development of science and technology, LED provides an excellent lighting system. High luminous efficiency, anti-glare and IP67 waterproof and anti-corrosion. Provide a better visual experience and maintenance-free for your baseball field.


Now you can easily illuminate the baseball field. Stadium lights made in China are your best choice. It Will help you save a lot of money, you can provide the baseball field and softball field you are bidding on. HISHINE provides you with the most competitive solutions. You can refer to HISHIN to recommend the two most popular stadium lights Hi-Shoot LED Baseball Field Light and Hi-Robot LED High Mast Light.

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