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What is the best LED Stadium lights?

In 2019, HISHINE push a Professional modular stadium lights and it is best choice for replacement of traditional stadium lamps  . HISHINE HI-ROBOT series LED stadium lights design aims to solve the problems of slow start-up, high energy consumption, low power factor, high working temperature, light fading, short life, ultraviolet radiation, non-waterproof and difficult maintenance of traditional lamps.

Hi-Robot series LED stadium lights application

LED Stadium Light Specifications


Key Features of LED High Mast Light

1. 160LM/W high level of lighting efficient

2. LED illumination ranging from 320W to 1300W

3. The unit features with hexagon design that minimizes wind load

4. Each model operate seperately, easy to maintenance

5. Multiple optice option. including 20°/30°/45°

6. Typhoon 12 resistance

7. Rugged die-cast aluminum adjustable bracket that can be horizontal or vertical mounted

LED stadium lights Parameters

Part Number HS-HM320W-A HS-HM480W-A HS-HM720W-A HS-HM960W-A HS-HM1300W-A
Wattage 320W 480W 720W 960W 1300W
Lumen Output 51200lm 76800lm 115200lm 153600lm 208000lm
LED Quantity 180pcs 240pcs 360pcs 540pcs 720pcs
Size(MM) L690*W230*H75 L460*W460*H75 L690*W460*H75 L690*W690*H75 L920*W690*H75
LED Chip Lumileds 5050
Luminous Efficacy 160LM/W
CCT 3000K-6500K
CRI ≥80
Beam Angle 20°/30°/45°/
IP Rating IP67
Working Temperature -30℃ to +55℃
Input Voltage AC100-277V/347V/480V, 50/60Hz, >0.92
Warranty 7 years
Lifespan >50,000hrs
Material Die-casting Aluminum housing+PC lens

We will show 9 reason why you must choose


Firstly, you may ask how to choose LED Stadium lights? There are 5 basic things we must have a good knowledge as below:

1. How To Choose The Suitable Model And Quantity For Your Stadium?

A. You can take the reference the form to choose the requirements and level you want and contact our engineers to provide the free lighting

design when you have clear knowledge for your project.

B. Most of our customers don’t have any idea about the illumination requirements for the projects.As traditional lamps are 60-70lm/w and the

LED is 150-160lm/w. That means you can save more than half power and electric charge

Lighting Specifications For Non TVs

Hi-Robot series LED stadium lights Lighting Specifications For Non TVs

Lighting Specifications For TV Relay Competitions

Hi-Robot series LED stadium lights Lighting Specifications For TV Relay Competitions

Uniformity Standard

Another important parameter is lighting uniformity. It is a scale from 0 to 1 (max) reflecting the distribution of lumen across the sports field. It is the ratio of minimum illuminance to average illuminance (U1), or ratio of minimum to maximum (U2). Hence, if the lux level is quite similar, says around 650 to 700 lux, the difference between minimum and maximum value is very small, and the uniformity will be closer to 1.

The lighting uniformity of the FIFA standard football stadium is 0.7, which is relatively challenging in the sport stadium lights industry.

3. High CRI And TV Broadcasting Compatibility

As a important international football competition, it should reach to the level of HD broadcasting.

Therefore, the LED stadium lights with high CRI are required.

Our football stadium lights can meet the requirements with high CRI 80/90.

The high quality lighting effect, not only can let the athletes play better,but also can let the audience watch the game more accurately and clearly. Uniform and quality vertical luminance on high power LED High Mast Lights allow high standard photo and video capture.

Hi-Robot series LED stadium lights support TV broadcast standard

4. No Warm Up Time

LED Sport Lighting can be turned on and off instantly, without 10-15 minutes warm up as observed in the HPS, MH conventional lighting.

5. HI-ROBOT Multiple optice option.including 20°/30°/45°

Hi-Robot series LED stadium lights Light Distribution Optional

Key Features of LED High Mast Light

Hi-Robot series LED stadium lights product advantages

6. Withstand wind

Install our 200W LED High Mast Light Fixtures Can withstand hurricanes of Typhoon 12 resistance.

Hi-Robot series LED stadium lights Typhoon 12 resistance

7. Multiple Mounting Options

Hi-Robot series LED stadium lights installation

8. External Drivers

If you want to improve the lighting level but worry the light poles load bearing. Our HI-ROBOT can solve the problems and our engineers have a solution of external and centralized power supply.

Hi-Robot series LED stadium lights installation

9. LED Stadium Light Applications

Applied to stadium lightinggolf course and tennis courts, running track, badminton, roads, football, basketball, tower lights, football, horse racingbaseball field and so on. It can also be used in large squares, airports, commercial buildings, construction projects, farms, amusement parks, parking lots, ports, industrial buildings and other special lighting environments.

Hi-Robot series LED stadium lights Case2

Hi-Robot series LED stadium lights Case3



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