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How to choose stadium lighting?

Different sports venues have different requirements for lighting due to their different uses. For example, volleyball stadiums, activities, amateur training, competitions, different scenes have different horizontal and vertical illuminances, and different illuminances can meet different competition requirements.


staidum lighting


The stadium lights are scattered, mainly divided into viewing areas and competition areas. However, due to the relatively large range of motion of athletes, vertical lighting has a direct impact on athletes. In order to ensure the lighting requirements of the athletes and auditoriums, when reasonably controlling the light illuminance, the light distribution position should be reasonably planned and the light intensity should be reasonably controlled; in addition, the position of the lamp, installation height, projection angle, and illumination direction should be as far as possible. , Light distribution and other aspects to reduce glare, overflow and other requirements.

In order to prevent the stroboscopic effect caused by AC power, the number of lamps in each phase should be equal, and the power should be evenly supplied. The lamps of each phase are arranged adjacent to each other, so that the lamps of each phase overlap the lighting on site, improve the continuity of light transmission, and effectively suppress the stroboscopic effect. The stadium lighting system must not only meet the requirements of amateur training, but also meet the requirements of large-scale competition activities, cultural performances and school teaching activities. Therefore, a variety of lighting switch methods are designed on the lighting system to control the lighting scientifically and reasonably to ensure the safety and long-term use of the lighting system and save energy.

Nowadays, most stadiums are equipped with gymnasiums, auxiliary halls, lounges, etc. If we design night lighting from the perspective of dividing these areas, we must ensure that people can clearly see each game and ensure that the referee can clearly For sports stadium lighting, a qualified venue not only affects the overall lighting, but also affects the grade of the sports venue and the experience of the athletes, and directly affects the operation of the sports venue.

I believe everyone who knows sports venues knows that a few years ago, most sports venues used traditional high-intensity gas discharge lamps and metal halide lamps. However, some characteristics of metal halide lamps cannot meet the needs of sports venues. For example, metal halide lamps have the characteristics of high calorific value, short service life, and low light source utilization. It has a great influence on the lighting effect of the stadium. With the rapid development of LED lighting applications, the application of LEDs in stadium lighting has received more and more attention;

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