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The role of Led high mast light in the sports field

Multi-pole layout is a mode of two-side layout. The two-side layout is a combination of lamps and light poles or architectural horse tracks, which are arranged in clusters or continuous light strips on both sides of the competition field. As the name suggests, the multi-pole layout is to configure multiple groups of light poles on both sides of the venue. The outstanding advantage of the multi-pole arrangement is that it consumes less electricity, and the vertical illuminance is better than the horizontal illuminance. In view of the low light poles, the multi-pole lighting type also has the advantages of less investment and convenient maintenance.


LED High Mast Light Sports Light


Optimal multi-pole layout of sports field lighting


The light poles should be evenly arranged, which can be arranged with 4 towers, 6 towers or 8 towers, with a projection angle greater than 25°, and the maximum projection angle to the sideline of the venue does not exceed 75°.


Precautions for multi-pole layout of sports field lighting


Multi-pole cloth lights are usually used in medium beam and wide beam spotlights. If there are spectator stands, the aiming point arrangement should be extra meticulous. The disadvantage of multi-pole lighting is that when the lighting poles are arranged between the venue and the auditorium, they will block the audience's sight and it is difficult to solve the shadow.

In sports fields where there is no TV broadcast, the sideways lighting installations are mostly adopted, which is more economical. Usually the light poles are arranged on the east and west sides of the stadium. Generally speaking, the height of the light poles of the multi-pole lighting can be lower than that of the four corners. In order to prevent the goalkeeper’s line of sight interference, light poles cannot be placed within at least 10° on both sides of the bottom line (when there is no TV broadcast) with the midpoint of the goal line as the reference point.


 LED High Mast Light Sports Light


Sports field lighting Led High Mast Light selection


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