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Reflector design UGR<19 indoor led sports high bay light

Hishine Light provides a wide range of high quality LED lighting for stadiums and sports facilities. This newly introduced K8 indoor Sports light uses up to 80% less energy than a traditional indoor sports light, while also significantly reducing the need for maintenance or replacement due to a service life of over 50,000 hours.

In addition, since LED lighting produces only a fraction of the heat generated by traditional light sources, stadium lights will also reduce the load on the air-conditioning system, resulting in further cost savings.

Stadiums and sports facilities have unique lighting needs and often require a lot of lighting equipment and bulbs. High ceilings and out-of-the-way lights can make it difficult to replace burned-out bulbs.

By switching to the new K8 indoor sports light lamps or choosing AN LED retrofit for an existing fixture, you can significantly reduce the burden of maintaining these hard-to-reach lights while providing bright and vibrant lighting.

If you are considering switching to LED indoor sports lights for your gym or sports facility, take advantage of the free lighting scheme offered by our experienced LED lighting specialists. We will provide detailed cost-benefit and ROI analysis that will advise you on the best LED lighting solution to meet your needs.

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