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How to choose and use plant growth lights correctly?

How to choose and use plant growth lights correctly

The growth of plants is closely related to their own photosynthesis, and the biggest key to photosynthesis is sufficient light. However, due to the changing climate, it is sometimes difficult to ensure sufficient light for plants. At this time, the plant growth lamp will start to a great effect

Plant growth lights are used to simulate sunlight or other light required by plants to promote photosynthesis of plants. It can provide plants with sufficient lighting environment at any time period, and can adjust the most suitable spectrum for plant growth. With growth Plants grown indoors will get an ideal growing environment, resulting in higher yields, shorter growth cycles, and more rewards

1. About light

Different types of plants and different growth stages require different light intensity and color temperature, while LED grow lights provide a variety of spectrums, and the luminous intensity and color temperature are controllable, which can be adjusted according to different types and different The growth stage is adjusted, which greatly reduces the cost. In addition, grow lights can also be used for plant propagation, indoor hydroponics and aquatic plants

2. How long do the grow lights need to be on?

Many of my friends often ask me the same question, is it true that the longer the plant light is on, the faster the plant grows, the better?
No, the answer is no

It is absolutely impossible to keep the light for 24 hours, photosynthesis is very important, but the dark environment is also very important, because the plant also needs to rest, during the rest process, the nutrients are transferred to other important parts, to absorb new nutrients

Plants need to grow normally in a light-dark cycle environment, and the amount of light it needs varies depending on the species. We can find the optimal amount of light on the package of the seed or on the label of the plant, or directly Ask at the store where you bought it about the specific needs of sunlight as the plant grows and blooms.

3. Where should the plant light be placed?
   The grow light can simulate ideal lighting conditions, so the location of the grow light is also very important, and the ideal position is to hang directly above the plant, so that the leaves on all sides of the plant can also be exposed under the grow light, but It should be noted that we need to adjust the position of the grow lights according to the plants we are planting, and keep an appropriate distance. Take fluorescent lights and LED grow lights as examples, they have less heat dissipation. Generally, it is recommended to hang them 50-100CM away from the top layer of the plants. 

4. What issues need to be considered when buying grow lights
  As mentioned above, the difference in lighting requirements for plants during the seedling period and after they grow up is very large, and it needs to be carefully considered when purchasing plant lights.
1. size
The right size of the grow light is very important, it can ensure the coverage area of ​​the light, you need to consider the number and area of ​​the plants covered by the light when purchasing, and you need to leave enough space for the grow light to avoid hitting other things in the room Affecting heat dissipation and causing hidden dangers
2. Types of
There are a wide variety of grow lights on the market today, so consider the most appropriate spectrum for the type of plants you want to grow before purchasing. As well as all aspects of price, quality and after-sales service
3. Easy to use
When choosing, try to choose some growth lights that are easy to install, easy to disassemble, and easy to control. This can easily cope with all stages of plant growth and help us better control the growth process of plants. If you plan to change the plant, it will not very troublesome

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