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Good lighting stadium What are the differences?

Good lighting stadium What are the differences?


Now, let us point out some of the advantages that good lighting provides for sports fields, arena lighting, and stadium lighting. It is important to note that these advantages will only appear satisfactorily when the lighting project is well done and executed.




Safety is one of the most controversial issues in sports stadiums and stadiums today. Many alternatives have been thought about how to reduce violence in these spaces, but simple measures can also help solve the problem.

For the same reason, poorly lit streets are more dangerous. As a result, when the aggressor is convinced that there is no way to identify or capture crimes, crimes will occur more frequently, and dark or gloomy environments are also conducive to this.

Therefore, to be correct, good light can not only increase the comfort of the audience, but also increase the audience's sense of security. Hiring professionals and surveillance cameras are other good solutions, but they must be used with a good lighting infrastructure.




Clarity also provides comfort for people in the stands, people in or in the stadium, people participating in games or other activities. Lighting allows those who are visible in the environment to perform excellent work and function with proper visibility. For the person reading in the stands, good light allows him to observe the entire field clearly and determine what is happening in the event, whether it is in motion or not. It is not easy to get the comfortable feeling of light. For this, it is necessary to rely on the experience of well-trained companies. Unfortunately, improperly executed projects often dazzle the audience and the audience. This should be avoided as much as possible because it will harm the audience of the entire event.


Good visibility


There are a variety of strategies to give the audience a good view, ranging from the distribution of the stands to the unevenness between the first floor and the other. However, lighting is an important part of this process and should illuminate the entire space. Arbitrary placement of fixtures does not guarantee good visibility, because some places may become too bright and other places are not well lit. The lighting must be evenly distributed throughout the stands and the stadium, which can only be achieved by the correct selection of lighting equipment and its insertion location.


A good experience for the audience


All the other advantages mentioned are directly related to the latter. If there is safety, comfort and a good view, the public will have a good experience of the event.


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