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LED lamp acting on the football field - Football stadium lighting

Football has the reputation of "the world's No. 1 sport". Football has always attracted the attention of countless fans. For the sport of football, a professional football field is indispensable! For a modern football field, not only the building is beautiful and generous, and all kinds of football equipment are complete, but also a good lighting environment is required. Glare, etc. LED lights play an important role in football.


LED lamp acting on the football field 


In order to ensure sufficient illumination in the football field, the football field designer must consider the following factors:


1 soccer field illumination - illumination uniformity


The ratio of the minimum illuminance value to the maximum illuminance value is the uniformity of illuminance. Whether it is an indoor stadium or an open-air football stadium, the requirements for lighting are very high. Taking basketball competition venues as an example, more lights tend to gather in the middle field, but areas with too much light tend to produce glare, and the backboard area Often the brightness of the light will be weak, ensuring the uniformity of the lighting of the overall venue, which plays a vital role in the level of athletes.


2 Football field lighting-light source characteristics:


The degree to which the light source presents the color of the object is called color rendering, which is the degree of vividness of the color. The light source with high color rendering can reproduce the color better, and the color we see is closer to the natural primary color, and the color rendering is low. The color reproduction of the light source is poor, and the color deviation we see is also large. The light source in the stadium should ensure better color rendering, so that athletes can make more accurate judgments.


3 Lighting football stadium - Light Distribution:


The football field lights are scattered, mainly divided into the watching area and the competition area. However, because the athlete's range of motion is not only a flat ground surface, the vertical lighting also has a greater impact on the athlete. Because while reasonably controlling the light illuminance, it is also necessary to reasonably plan the light distribution position to ensure the lighting requirements of the auditorium on the premise of ensuring the athletes' competition.


4 Lighting football stadium - Lamp Selection


Due to the professionalism and particularity of football, the choice of football field lighting must be extremely cautious. In the field of football stadium lighting, "China Big Dipper" is currently the first in the industry.

As a supplier of LED sports lighting system solutions, HISHINE GROUD LIMITED's football stadium lighting has its own uniqueness!

The main features of HISHINE GROUD LIMITED football stadium lighting are high anti-glare and high luminous efficiency, and these two factors fit the relevant needs of football stadium lighting!


5 Lighting football stadium - Glare


Glare refers to the visual conditions that cause visual discomfort and reduce the visibility of objects due to inappropriate brightness distribution or extreme brightness contrast in space or time in the visual field. There is a sense of light in the field of vision that the human eye cannot adapt, which will have a great impact on athletes, especially in ball sports, where athletes cannot accurately determine the ball's drop point.


In order to ensure uniform illuminance at all angles and prevent indoor glare, the elevation angle from the lowest point of the football field to the lamps must be greater than 45°. However, because the current football field’s light sources are set at a higher position and are relatively scattered, in order to prevent Athletes or spectators cause direct sunlight. Nowadays, football stadiums use computers to calculate the light projection points to ensure the uniformity and reasonable distribution of light. Indoor glare can also be caused by different floor materials or reflections on the water surface of swimming pools, so you can also install grilles or baffles for the lamps to reduce glare.


6 Lighting football stadium - illuminance


Reasonable illuminance can not only ensure the normal performance of the athletes and the accurate judgment of the referees, but also ensure that the audience on the scene and in front of the TV can watch the game comfortably. Different sports also require different illuminance. The illuminance required for sports events and commercial activities is also different.


Reliable football field lights 


The best football stadium lighting 

High luminous efficiency


The main performance index of LED lights is light efficiency. HISHINE's football stadium lamp has an efficiency of 170lm/w, which can reduce the burden by providing more lighting at a low power consumption rate, and can save up to 70% of energy.


Detachable design


Provides a detachable electric box and track installation drive, which provides greater flexibility and convenience for installation and maintenance, and greatly saves labor costs and time.To


Waterproof and windproof


Since football field lights are installed outdoors, they are affected by operating conditions such as water and humidity, which may damage them. This is why they must be specially designed for humid places. It has an IP67-rated air vent, which can maintain the balance of temperature and humidity. At the same time, the reasonable structure can withstand a 17-level weathercock, ensuring safety regardless of the weather.To




Although glare values ​​are rarely mentioned, they are important in lighting. Too much glare may cause visual discomfort. The player may not see the fast moving ball. Our high mast lights have advanced lenses and low glare, which can focus them on the required beam and reduce light leakage to achieve the best application.




LED lights are an art and a science for football stadiums. Lighting is always an essential part. Countries around the world use LED lighting to improve football stadiums. A good football stadium experience is inseparable from good LED lighting. What are you waiting for? HISHINE will help you have a perfect game experience on the football field. HISHIEN will always be your best choice!

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