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Badminton hall lighting is not easy to choose?

Regardless of whether the arena is entertainment-grade, training-grade, or professional-grade, the lighting effect should present soft light, sufficient illumination, bright and no dark areas, and no color distortion!

Therefore, a professional badminton hall should choose high-quality LED badminton hall special lamps.

The badminton court is 13.40 meters long, 6.10 meters wide for doubles, and 5.18 meters wide for singles. At the same time, according to international competition regulations, the minimum space above the entire court is 9 meters. Within this height, there shall be no beams or other obstacles. There should be no obstacles within 2 meters around the court. There should be a minimum distance of 2 meters between any two pitches side by side.

What is the height of the lamps in a general badminton hall? Through a large number of arena lighting engineering cases, we have concluded that the installation height of lamps in badminton halls does not exceed 12 meters, generally between 7-12 meters. Of course, the most suitable installation height is 8-9 meters. This is the most suitable installation height for general standard badminton courts.

The lighting distribution of the badminton court is scattered, and since the sports range of the athletes is not only the flat ground field, the vertical lighting also has a greater impact on the athletes. Because while reasonably controlling the light illumination, it is also necessary to make a reasonable planning of the light distribution position, so as to ensure the lighting requirements of the auditorium under the premise of ensuring the competition of the athletes.

There are usually two forms of lighting in badminton halls: hoisting and side-mounted.

When the site space is large and the height is high, it is usually installed by hoisting, so that the sense of space will be better, and when the site space is small and the height is low, side mounting is usually used. to install. The lamps are arranged on both sides, the glare is greatly reduced, and the requirements for the lamps are not so harsh.

No matter what method is used in modern badminton courts, players must accurately judge the ball path, height and landing point.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to ensure that the hoisting lamps in the sky will not shake due to the influence of external forces, resulting in uneven illumination, most lighting installation teams will recommend customers to choose circular lamps for hoisting, no matter where they are turned, the lighting angle There will be no change, or if you choose a long panel luminaire, it is recommended that the luminaire be fixed with a boom to increase the wind resistance.

Common high-quality LED stadium lights have four major characteristics, such as no stroboscopic, anti-glare, long life and low power consumption.

To implement these characteristics into lamps, it is necessary to consider light distribution, chip, reflection angle, etc. from the early stage of lamp design, and constantly adjust and proofing, until there are significant advantages in various indicators before mass production can be put into production. This is also a self-owned factory. The significant advantages of the sports lighting company.

Therefore, the Hishine LED badminton hall lamps have also been upgraded on the basis of the original panel lamps, adding Hishine unique lens to the surface of the panel lamps, which can better prevent glare. Although the cost has increased, it is more popular with customers, especially the operators of commercial stadiums.

Hishine upgraded LED badminton hall lamps have high color rendering; no stroboscopic; anti-glare ability is improved by more than 30%; it can start instantly without waiting; long life > 50,000 hours, light efficiency reaches 180LM/W, high-quality dust-proof , 7-year warranty; high-quality optical lens, multi-angle light distribution, uniform light distribution and other advantages, provide a sufficient lighting environment for athletes and venue operators.

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