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Factory direct price 500w stadium Tennis Court
-Beam Angle: 20°/30°/45°/60x100° -360 ° rotating bracket/Round Pole bracket/U-Bracket -Various applications: outdoor and indoor sports arenas, stadiums, mining, airport, shipping terminals, heavy-industry zones, tower, plazas, square, prison, exhibition hall, church, seaports, etc.
Hi-Long LED Street Light 100W-600W LED Pathway Light-hishine
Wattage: 100W-600W Luminous Efficacy: 150LM/W Lumen Output: 15000lm-900000lm Warranty: 5 years
LED Air Disinfection Lamps Energy Saving Lineaer Light-hishine
The air disinfection lamp, also known as the net aldehyde lamp, is also called the net aldehyde lamp. It is a perfect combination of the miniaturization of the complex equipment that generates negative ions and the high-efficiency energy-saving lamp. Elim
Reflector design UGR<19 indoor led sports high bay light
Hishine K8 Led Stadium high bay light Glare Control to Improve Player Performance Glare on the field can make it difficult for players to see their opponents, field markings, and any other aspect of the sport. This can hinder their performance for both players and spectators alike. Hishine K8 LED Luminaires have been specially designed to produce as little glare as possible. These glare-free luminaires have a UGR of less than 19 (UGR<19), which is about the same as mild indoor lighting. This means less light spillage and sky glow and better focusing of the light exactly where it needs to be, all while improving visual comfort.
K2 LED Linear High Bay Light, High Bay Light,led warehouse light,led high bay light,led industrial light,showro
New Private Mould Led Linear Hihg Bay Light Diversification installation Luminous Flux:152 lm/w
SAA VEET IP65 4FT LED Linear Light High Bay Housing 400W Warehouse Lighting
HS-k5 linear high bay light UFO100W/150W/200W/250W/300W/400W/500W Unique shape Suitable for factories, workshops, warehouses and other places.
Shenzhen Indoor high Bay Light Fixture 100W Led High Bay light for warehouse workshop commercial linear high ba
HISHINE provides high-quality factory lights, high bay lights, energy-saving factory lights, high-power high bay lights and other factory lighting fixtures.
led stadium light high power 600W-ip66 outdoor stadium lighting
HI-SHOOT high output LED stadium Light is made of durable metal material. Very suitable for indoor and outdoor sports fields and stadiums. Instead of 2000W traditional metal halide and HID lamps, LED has many advantages.
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