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Smart Quantum Dot-Based Lighting System More Accurately Reproduces Daylight
what role does LED High Mast Light play in sports games?
LED High Mast Light is a light specially designed to illuminate football fields. Usually installed at a height of more than ten meters, for professional stadiums, they can reach a height of more than twenty meters above the field. Today, they are mostly b....
Compared with ordinary sodium lamp, choose LED high bar lamp advantage in what
In fact, the price of LED lamps is not as expensive as people think, in the long run, it is cheaper than other lamps, Because of its long life and low power consumption, it can be said to be an investment with long-term benefits. Therefore, it is recomme....
Daily maintenance and maintenance regulations of high pole lights
Precautions for installation and maintenance of high pole lights....
What are the characteristics of outdoor LED street lights
Outdoor LED street lights can be seen everywhere, so why is it so popular, let's take a look....
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