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What are the requirements for stadium lighting design?
For the lighting of stadiums, not only the lighting brightness needs to be uniform and stable to fully meet the visual needs of sports players and the audience's good viewing effect, but also to fully meet the lighting needs of color TV live broadcast and....
What are the considerations for the selection of street lights?
1. Pay attention to the service life of LED street lights. The service life of LED street lights is relatively long, but affected by factors such as environment and light decay, the life of LED street lights will be affected. Better quality, less light de....
The role of light on plant growth, how grow lights affect plant growth?
Summary: Photosynthesis is the conversion of light energy into chemical energy, and in the process of photomorphogenesis, light is only used as a signal to excite receptors, promoting a series of reactions in cells, and finally manifested as changes in mo....
Cost comparison of LED high bay lamps and traditional metal halide lamps or high
Although HID lamps are widely used, their industrial lighting technology is outdated, directly or indirectly imposing lighting costs on building managers. Specifically, the use of HID lamps will result in higher operating costs and frequent maintenance co....
The difference between ordinary high bay light and led high bay light
Energy-saving lamps have many advantages, such as small size, compact lamp structure, relatively high luminous efficiency, and very power saving. Compared with incandescent lamps, its lifespan is about 7 times longer. The disadvantage of energy-saving lam....
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