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Construction site lighting solution-LED high pole lights
Ukraine Cows Barn Lighting Project
2021 is the third year of our cooperation with Ukrainian AAT company.Advanced Agricultural Technologies company is engaged in the design of dairy farms and the supply of a full range of technological equipment.We are very happy to provide them with customized lighting solutions.....
LED Lamp Acting On The Football Field
Football has the reputation of "the world's No. 1 sport". Football has always attracted the attention of countless fans. For the sport of football, a professional football field is indispensable! For a modern football field, not only the building is beautiful and generous, and all kinds of football equipment are complete, but also a good lighting environment is required. Glare, etc. LED lights play an important role in football.....
500W LED Linear Warehouse Light
When planning or upgrade warehouse lighting, there are many factors to consider. The upgraded version of K5-B LED Linear high bay light can provide high lumens of over 190lm/w for industrial lighting, corridors, indoor parking lots, shopping malls and exhibition halls. The heat sink adopts aluminum stretching process, the lens adopts diamond cutting process, and provides a variety of light-emitting angles. Smart standard base, only need to replace the sensor module to change the smart mode. Support infrared remote control, Zigbee, Bluetooth Mesh, high altitude microwave sensor, infrared light sensor, Zigbee version supports heat map, supports light decay compensation. It improves cost performance and market competitiveness.....
600W Full-Cycle LED Grow Light
With the advances in technology and fixture performance, high-quality LED horticultural lighting is now a credible option offering a significant return on investment to cultivators.....
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