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Good lighting stadium What are the differences?
let us point out some of the advantages that good lighting provides for sports fields, arena lighting, and stadium lighting.....
What are the knowledge of solar led street lamp head selection
street light....
Talk about the effect of lens on led light
When the lens is not installed, the light effect is diffused and the brightness of the workplace is insufficient. When the lens is installed, the lost light can be received into the effective work place by adjusting, and the brightness of the work place c....
How to choose indoor basketball hall lighting fixtures
Generally speaking, the lighting of stadiums requires a large lighting space, a long distance, and high illumination technology. Therefore, the selection of lighting fixtures is critical, and appropriate professional lamps must be selected. So what should....
What are the advantages of LED high bay lights? and some caveats
The LED high bay light uses a single high-power LED lamp bead as the light source, so the LED high bay light has the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, small light decay, pure light color, and no ghosting.....
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