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Stadium lights FAQs

Stadium lights FAQs


A few years ago, cricket court lighting mostly used traditional high-intensity gas discharge lamps-metal halide lamps. The power of the lighting lamps was as high as 1000W-2000W, and the installation height of the lamps could reach 50m-60m. However, metal halide lamps have short service life, single color temperature, and long start-up time, which have become increasingly incompatible with the lighting requirements of cricket courts. With the rapid development of LED lighting applications, the application of LEDs in cricket court lighting has also attracted more and more people's attention.


Common stadium lights FAQ


1) What are the requirements for a perfect TV broadcast?


This is a new era of 4K TV broadcasting. Even if the lighting can provide enough lighting for the cricket court, most sports venues that use metal halide lights cannot broadcast in ultra-high definition. Cricket stadium lights work well for fans on the spot, but for fans watching the game on TV, the effect is not ideal. This is another reason why the cricket ground must adopt LED technology. Another major advantage of LEDs is that they do not flicker and maintain brightness while suppressing glare. This means that they will not affect slow motion playback, and there will be no flashes to affect people's attention.


2)What is the lighting standard for cricket lighting?


The competition conditions of the test competition are as follows:


From the boundary of the cricket ground to the boundary square, the playing area should be at least 150 yards (137.16 meters), and the shorter of the two square boundaries should be at least 65 yards (59.43 meters). Starting from the center of the pitch to be used, the straight line boundary at both ends of the pitch should be at least 70 yards (64.00 meters). In all cases, the goal is to provide the largest sports field, and the boundary of the stadium center used must not exceed 90 yards (82.29 meters).


The lighting design of the indoor cricket court particularly attracted many mixed-gender participants with various abilities. This is a fast sport designed to maximize the participation of all athletes.


Recommended lighting standards for indoor cricket courts:


Class I-750 Lux; minimum to average uniformity = 0.7

Class II-500 lux; minimum to average uniformity = 0.7

Class III-300 lux; minimum to average uniformity = 0.7

It is recommended that the minimum (minimum) average maintenance intensity of the club is 500 lux; the minimum to average uniformity = 0.8. It is recommended that the indoor cricket court used for the competition meets at least Class II requirements (500 lux), which is consistent with the lighting requirements of the multifunctional indoor stadium.


3) What is the operating cost of cricket court lighting?


We specialize in providing professional lighting design for cricket grounds and cricket stadiums. When it comes to the replacement of halogen lamps, mercury lamps, and metal halide lamps, LED lamps are often the best choice because they are brighter, more energy efficient, and more durable. Usually, the lighting equipment of the cricket court is around the circular turf ground. In order to provide proper lighting, high-power high-mast LED lights that can illuminate long-distance are required. Since we are a manufacturer of LED lamps, we provide outdoor searchlights specially designed for cricket sports venues. The low price and high quality can reduce your budget.


4) How much can I save by switching to LED cricket court lighting?


If you choose the wrong luminaire type, your stadium lighting operating costs will be much higher. For metal halide lamps, the total power consumption is about 400,000 watts. Therefore, the cost of turning on the lamp for 24 hours is 4400,000W x 24 hours x $0.12/1000 = $1152. For halogen floodlights, the electricity bill for lighting is 1,000,000W. x 24 hours x $0.12/1000 = $2880. It can be seen that the power consumption of halogen lamps is higher because of their lower light efficiency. What about LED lamps?

Our 100,000 watt LED is equivalent to 400,000 watt halogen lamp and 1,000,000 watt HID, and the operating cost of every 100,000W lighting is US$288. This is the huge difference between the operating cost of LED and traditional lighting.


Reliable cricket court light selection


LED lights are the future of Stadium lighting, and the transformation of LEDs is a cost-effective alternative to the existing cricket stadium. Hi-Robot is built as a superhero in the field of sports lighting. As a world-class high-mast lighting solution, 160lm/W efficacy and various upgradeable functions to achieve enhanced visibility, ensure safety, easy maintenance and minimal energy consumption. With detachable electric box, intelligent lighting system and precise aiming design; it can enhance slow motion playback without flash. In addition to their high-quality aluminum, they are resistant to corrosion and ultraviolet rays. They also increase contact speed and accelerate heat transfer. The highest sports lighting solution born in almost all cricket courts. The following are the main functions of the product. ...

Reliable cricket court light selection 



Precision angle adjustment dial


The beam angle usually determines the way the light is distributed. The Cricket Stadium Lights you choose should have the correct beam angle to achieve a balance between light uniformity and brightness. The dial of HI-ROBOT can be precisely aligned with the mounting bracket. The unique aiming device can accurately guide the light to the place where it is needed.


High luminous efficiency


Light efficiency is the main performance index of LED lights. Hi-Robot has an energy efficiency of 160lm/w, which can reduce the burden by providing more lighting at a low power consumption rate, and can save up to 70% of energy.


Detachable design


Provides a detachable electric box and track installation drive, which provides greater flexibility and convenience for installation and maintenance, and greatly saves labor costs and time.


Waterproof and windproof


Since the cricket court lights are installed outdoors, they are affected by operating conditions such as water and humidity that may damage them. This is why they must be specially designed for humid places. It has an IP67-rated air vent, which can maintain the balance of temperature and humidity. At the same time, the reasonable structure can withstand a 17-level wind vane, ensuring safety regardless of the weather.




Although glare values ​​are rarely mentioned, they are important in lighting. Too much glare may cause visual discomfort. The player may not see the fast moving ball. Our high mast lights have advanced lenses and low glare to focus them on the required beam and reduce light leakage to achieve the best application.

Sounds great, right? Cricket court lighting is both an art and a science. Lighting is always an essential part. Countries around the world are building cricket courts with LED lighting to show their support for green initiatives and other efforts to save the world. What are you waiting for? Hi-Robot will help you play perfectly on the cricket court. Hi-Robot will always be your best choice!


Meet the green lighting plan


The intelligent lighting control system reduces operating costs by optimizing the use of energy; protects lamps and reduces lamp damage; intelligent control: makes full use of the illuminance changes of natural light to determine the range of electric lighting; low-voltage distribution system design is convenient for economic accounting units Metering

Sports venues are guaranteeing various competition levels by pre-programming lighting modes according to the system, selecting high, medium, and low illuminance values according to the illuminance standard; selecting appropriate lighting methods, and using mixed lighting methods for places with higher lighting requirements. The lower one adopts district lighting or other energy-saving methods.

For example: For various games that are to be broadcast live and satellite broadcast, the illuminance standard should be high. For training competitions, the illuminance standard can be selected as the illuminance value. For normal training, only open area lighting, and these All can be preset in the intelligent lighting control system in advance to achieve the desired effect.

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