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SSL-C All-In-One Solar LED City Highway Lights
Product Parameters: Wattage: 30W, 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 120W Luminous Efficacy: 180LM/W Lumen Output: 3900lm-13000lm Warranty: 3 years IP65
All in one solar street light
Hishine all-in-one solar street lights(HS-SSL-B) are equipped with advanced features of timer control and daylight sensor, ensuring efficient energy usage. With a powerful integrated solar panel, these adjustable all-in-one street lights offer bright illumination throughout the night. The all-in-one solar street lights come at an unbeatable price.
K9 High Lumen LED High Bay Light
In recent years, with the increasing myopia rate of children and adolescents, the importance of classroom lighting environment in schools has become increasingly prominent. Many provinces and cities across the country have incorporated classroom lighting
60W LED Strip Light Power;CCT Adjustable LED Linear Light-hishine
In order to make LED lights adapt to more application scenarios, Hishine made a breakthrough this time by using the adjustable power and adjustable color temperature functions on the LED linear lights. At the same time, this light can also be used as an e
2022Hishie New Flood Lights Customized Smart 1200W Stadium Lights
Lightweight design, high light efficiency 140LM/W, flicker-free, in line with hd photography and slow motion playback lighting standards,Hi-focus LED Stadium Light offers excellent look, performance and durability, providing versatility while meeting your outdoor lighting requirements.
500W LED Sport Light
Only 0.378USD per watt
2022 New Smart City Led Street Light 175LM/W with Intelligent Control
This is a cost-effective street light, 45W-250W, high brightness, long life, compatible with solar energy, intelligent control system
Hishine Group High Quality Road Lamp 45W 75W 100W 150W 200W 250W 300W Outdoor Led Street Lights
LED Street Light
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