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 Main product in exhibition

LED High Bay Light, LED Street Light, LED Shoebox Light / LED Parking Lot Light, LED Garden Light, LED High Mast Light, etc .

Hongkong International Lighting Fair 2018

Hong Kong International Outdoor and Tech Light Expo, Booth No. 8-J02, 26th~29th Oct. 

Hong Kong International Lighting Fair(Autumn Edition), Booth No. M4-A23, 27th~30th Oct.  

2018 Guangzhou international lighting fair

Booth No.:  11.3 G62

Time: 9th-12th, June, 2018      



2018 Lighting Fair For Hishine Group Limited

1. 18th-23th March, 2018 The Light+Building 2018

2. 13th-15th, Feb.,2018 Strategies in Light USA(SIL)




2017 Lighting Fair For Hishine Group Limited

1. 28th Feb -2nd March ,2017 Strategies in Light USA (SIL)

2. 9th-11th May , 2017 , Light Fair International USA 


2016 Lighting Fair For Hishine Group Limited

1. 13th-18th March, Frankfurt Germany lighting fair 2016

2. 20-22th May ,USA MIAMI LED Lighting Fair 2016 ,Booth :819
3. 9-12th,Jun, Guangzhou International Lighting Fair, Booth :Pavilion NO. 10.3, F56

4. 27-30th, Oct, 2016, Hongkong Lighting Fair, M4-A23 


2015 Lighting Fairs that Hishine Group take part in.

1. 6-9th April ,2015,HK Lighting Fair ,Booth :1C-B33
2. 21-24th,May,2015,LED Expo Thailand 2015,Booth :K10
3. 2-4th,June,2015.Expo Electrical international 2015,Mexico Booth :618A
4. 5-7th,May,2015.CEBIT Australia,Booth :M43

5. 24~26th,Sep,2015.LED EXPO Peru,Booth :V27-2

6. 27~31th Oct ,2015.HK Lighting Fair ,Booth :M4-A23



2014 Lighting Fairs that Hishine Group take part in.

1. 3-5th Nov. ,2014,Moscow lighting fair:3C-B45
2. 27-30th,October,2014,HKTDC for HONGKONG LIGHTING FAIR ,Booth : M4-A05

3, 28th-31th, October, 2014, MATELECTRICAL, Madrid. Spain. Booth, 6B-18F.

4, 3nd-5th,June,2014, Las Vegas lighting fair, USA, C4-8240

5,6-9th April ,2014,HK Lighting Fair ,Booth :M4-A23


2013 Lighting Fairs that Hishine Group take part in.
1. 27-30th,October,2013,HKTDC for HONGKONG LIGHTING FAIR ,Booth : M4-A05

2,6-9th April ,2013,HK Lighting Fair ,Booth :1C-A26

3, 3th-5th, Poland lighting fair in Warsaw .Booth:3-D22


2012 Lighting Fairs that Hishine Group take part in.

1. 27-30th,October,2012,HKTDC for HONGKONG LIGHTING FAIR ,Booth : M4-A05

2,6-9th April ,2012, Canton fair ,Booth :9.3-D2

3 , 30th-4th April, 2012. Frankfurt Lighting Fair in Germany, booth: 10-A15


2010 Lighting Fairs that Hishine Group take part in

1. 27-30th, OCT, 2010, HKTDC For Hongkong Lighting Fair, Booth: M4-A05


2017 Our Exhibition

NO. 1

9th-11th May , 2017 , Light Fair International USA .

Booth:Hall F 5055 JR2
Time: 9th to 11th,May,2017.


NO. 2

2017 Strategies in Light USA (SIL)

Booth No.:115
Date:28th,Feb to 2nd,March,2017

2016 Our Exhibition


NO. 1

Frankfurt Lighting Fair :
Booth No.:1C-B33
Date:13-18th, Mar,2016







NO. 2

USA Miami LED Lighting Fair :
Booth No.:819

Date:20-22TH, Mar,2016

Address: Miami, USA



NO. 3

Guangzhou International Lighting Fair:
Booth No.:10.3, NO F56

Date:9-12TH, JUN, 2016

Address: Guangzhou International Lighting Fair



NO. 4

Hongkong International Lighting Fair:
Booth No.:M4-A23

Date:27-30TH, OCT, 2016

Address: Hongkong International Lighting Fair




2015 our Exhibition :



Hongkong Spring Lighting Fair :
Booth No.:1C-B33
Address:Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre







Time: 5-7,May

Booth No.: M43

Exhibition Hall: Sydney Olympic Park

Exhibition Add: the dome and halls 2A-3B,Sydney Olympic Park, Australia





Time: 21-24, May

Booth No.: K10
Exhibition Hall:IMPACT EXHIBITION CENTER, Thailand
Exhibition Add:99 Popular Road, T.Banmai, A.Pakkred, Nonthaburi 11120, Thailand 






MEXICO Expo Electrical International 2015

Time: 2-4, June

Booth No.: 618A

Exhibition Hall: Centro Banamex, Mexico City
Exhibition Add:Conscripto 311. Colonia Lomas de Sotelo. Delegación Miguel Hidalgo. 11200. México D.F 








Booth No.: v27-2








Hongkonkong Lighting Autumn Fair 

Time: 27-31,October

Booth No.: M4-A23

Address: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre







Before 2014 Hishine Exhibition

Hongkonkong Lighting Autumn Fair 

Time: 28-31,October , 2014

Booth No.: M4-A05

Address: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre








LAS VEGAS Lighting Fair 2014,Jun. 


Hongkong Lighting Fair 2013,Apr. 






Hongkong Lighting Fair 2013,Oct. 




Poland Lighting Fair 2013,Mar 




Hongkong Lighting Fair 2012,Oct. 


 Guangzhou Lighting Fair 2012,June


Frankfurt lighting Fair 2012,April  



 Hongkong Lighting Fair 2008,Oct.




  Main product in hishine exhibition
1. LED High bay light - UL LED High bay light, Promotion led high bay light, DLC LED industrial light, SAA LED warehouse light, high power high bay lamp, high quality led industrial lamp.
2. LED Street light - SAA LED parking lot light, UL led street lamp, DLC led road lamp.
3. LED batten light - 4ft led tri-proof light, 1200mm led batten light, 1.2m led tri-proof lamp, IP65 LED t8 lamp.
4. LED flood light - Flood led lighting, 100w led flood light, 200w led floodlighting, UL DLC LED flood light.
5. LED tunnel light - UL LED tunnel light, tunnel led light



2. 9th-11th May,  Light Fair International (USA) 2017

Booth : Hall F 5055 JR2






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