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Hi-Talent Led Parking Lot Light Hishine.

Led Area Lighting Project in USA:32pcs led shoebox street light


Feedback From Our Customers:

“The job we just did,(31pcs 150w & 2pcs 100w) were installed with a wireless control system.

When these come on 20 minutes before sunset,they come on at 90%-dimmed 10%.

At 2 AM they dim 50% in power.

Attached is a collage i did of : Dimmed 105 then dimmed 50%.

I went down to this lot just before 2 AM the other night to see how good these lights before with this dimming system.

I placed my light meter on a footing under an isolated 150W pole fixture.  9.5 footcandles - while dimmed 10%. After they all (simultaneously) dimmed to 50%,the light level was 6.5 footcandles. But the illumination was still excellent because of the optics and light distribution.

Under a 460W Metal Halide,it was only 2 footcandles. Our LED 150W dimmed 50% using 75W is > 3 times bighter! That's insane. 

Under another company's Led Fixture, i measured 8.2 footcandles.

So our 150W dimmed to 135W is 1.3 footcandles brighte(13.7% brighter) with better light distribution.

I am recommending they replace all 4 with our fixtures so every one has the control system and provide better light - brighter with better distribution.”

 Our Hi-Talent Led Parking Lot Light

1.10KV surge protection

2.Bubble level instrument accurates the installation of lamps in one minute

3.Free-tool maintenance,easy installation

4.Sepaated driver board with Terminal block connector,easy replacement.

5.Photocell control,PIR sensor,Timing Contorl

6.With 4 kinds of installation brackets,can be also used as flood light and wall pack.





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