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Hi-Robot Led Basketball Court Lighting


Hishine specialize in sports field lighting


320W Led Stadium Light for Basketball Court in USA
Basic info:
Size of basketball court:48*22m
Qty of old luminaires:36pcs 1000w metal halide
Height:10M(Hanging on both sides of the top)
Installation date: Oct.2019

Product Used: 320W & 480W Led Sports Field Light
-Using 16pcs 320W Led Flood Light & 6pcs 480W Led Flood Light
-Beam Angle:30°/ 45°
-Average illuminance:526lux


Hishine basketball court lighting solution


Feedback from Our USA customers:Incredible

Totally one Basketball training court in USA.12pcs HS-HM320W-A 30°& 4pcs HS-HM320W-A 45° & 6pcs HS-HM480W-A 45°160lm/w led stadium light.The average lux is 526lux,and achieve 0.84 lighting uniformity.We use high-quality SMD5050 chip and clear lens,achieving the best light effects.This high uniformity allows athletes to play for a long time without feeling visual fatigue.


Hishine professional lighting design


Premium Quality Lighting tends to bring amazing results to the venue.

At the beginning,this customer just want to replace led lights to help save electricity and operating costs.(Hishine provide Free Dialux Simulation).After communicating with our sales engineers, this is a basketball training ground and hosting some amateur basketball games.So we upgraded the lighting for our customers according to the original layout of the venue.


Hishine's experienced engineers, in order to help customers save costs and achieve the best results, we use half of the original number of lamps and make the lighting uniformity reach the international professional competition standards.(Class II)


According to FIBA, there are 3 sports lighting classes.

Class I: It describes the top-class, international or national basketball matches such as NBA, NCAA Tournament and FIBA World Cup. The lighting system should be compatible to broadcasting requirement.

Class II: The example of class II event is regional competition. The lighting standard is less vigorous as it usually involved non-televised events.

Class III: Recreational or training events.


So Why they choose Hishine?

  • Hi-Robot LED Stadium Light - Longer Life Span
  • Modular And Hexagon desing - Better Heat Sink System
  • Hishine 5050 Led Chip - Saving 80% Energy Expense
  • Hishine Free Dialux Simulation - Better Lighting Solutions
  • Anti-Glare Lighting


Customers reviews:
“We renovated our basketball arena this year and the new state-of-the-art LED lights made the greatest impact on the look and feel of the arena more than any other part of the renovation. The lights have really given our arena that NBA-like atmosphere. We are very pleased with the quality and versatility of the lights.”


As we all know, lighting is important for basketball court. Led Stadium Light is the best solution because of its high bightness, energy efficiency,uniformity and durability.We manufacture the high energy efficient and cost-effective outdoor sports lighting that saves 75% to 90% energy when comparing to the traditional lighting fixtues.


Hishine Group Limited. We deliver quality yet budget-friendly lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor basketball courts. So when you want to upgrade your basketball courts, Please feel free to contact our sales engineer for more info.

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