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Hishine K5 Led High Bay Light Factory Lighting Project



Hishine K5 Led Linear High Bay Light Factrory Lighting Project


In order to upgrade the facilities of the factory, improve the working environment and enhance safety.So Brazillian Customer need a supplier to provide them with professional lighting design and efficient lighting.Hishine's solution stands out from many suppliers.





Product Used: Hishine K5 Led High Bay Light

-Using 850PCS 50W~500W (HS-HB50W-K5,HS-HB150W-K5,HS-HB500W-K5)

-Beam Angle:120°




Through the pre-docking and project modification, the plan was finally determined to cooperate with HISHINE


In some areas, we have adopted a special installation method, combined with the amazing professional installation technology of the workers, and achieved satisfactory results (Here we have discussed carefully and finally reached a consensus with the customer)



Spiderman Worker



 After finalizing the plan, we quickly signed the contract and arranged the production.The process went very smoothly and the goods arrived in the hands of the customers a few days in advance. During the customer's installation process, we contacted online and instructed the installation.Thus ensuring the rapid progress of the project.


Amazing effect



Hishine K5 Led Linear High Bay Light



 HISHINE is not how professional we say, we just prove our ability in products and services through actual actions. Not only do you choose us, but we choose and trust each other.
















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