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Arema f.c. in Malang Football Field Lighting

Hi-Robot Led Stadium Light Football Field Lighting 


Product Used:960W Stadium Led High Mast Light


Using 40pcs 960W LED Sports light(HS-HM960W-A)


Beam Angle:30 degree





Project : Arema f.c. in Malang


Kanjuruhan Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Malang Regency, East Java, Indonesia. It is currently used mostly for football matches. The stadium holds 42,449.[1] It is home of Arema, football team in Indonesian Super League. It is also used by Persekam Metro Kabupaten Malang for home in Indonesian Premier Division. Stadium was built in 2004 by President Megawati Soekarnoputri, first hosting the opening match of Indonesian First Division League between Arema and PSS Sleman. It was also renovated in 2010 for the purposes of the AFC Champions League in terms of adding lighting power.


With the development of the football team, the original lighting system has once again ushered in an update. In order to provide more efficient and energy-efficient equipment, and to provide a better experience for spectators and players, they found Hishine.



Hishine Group Limited ~ Provide Free Lighting Design


We use Hi-Robot stadium light to perform simulation calculations according to the original layout of the venue, so that the solution and effect are fully displayed to the customer.


Professional football team choose professional lighting team ~ Hishine



Amazing effect


On this fascinating night, the customer showed the lighting effect through the drone. I hope the game tonight will become more memorable and exciting with Hishine's lighting.



Fight Against Darkness & Toward the light



Why they choose Hi-Robot Led Football Light?
Modular design 5050 led chip up to 160lm/w
Various Bracket
16 Typhoon resistance
Energy Saving 40%


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