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What are the advantages of the stadium intelligent lighting control system?

Lighting is one of the important links to fully reflect the function of the stadium. The focus of the stadium lighting is the stadium lighting, that is, competition lighting; followed by general lighting, auditorium lighting, emergency lighting, venue lighting, building interior lighting, indoor lighting and road lighting Wait. These are important components of stadium lighting.

How to meet the scene lighting of various competition venues, so that the color temperature, illuminance, glare, color rendering index, etc. all meet the prescribed standards. This is not only the selection of lamps, but also the selection and distribution of sports lighting systems. Accurately express the requirements of various competitions on sports lighting, and the selection of intelligent lighting control system is the standard configuration of a modern comprehensive functional gymnasium.

The modern large-scale comprehensive gymnasium must not only meet various large-scale competitions, but also undertake different large-scale cultural performances, gatherings and other tasks. The hall is divided into the main arena and the usual arena, usually including badminton hall, table tennis hall, volleyball hall, tennis hall, basketball hall, track and field hall and its supporting functional areas.


staidum lighting


As a new light source, LEDs are very different from traditional metal halide lamps. These differences lead to great differences between the control methods of LEDs and metal halide lamp control systems. In the era of metal halide lamps, all the advertised intelligent control systems are actually simple on/off control, and LED lamps can complete real intelligent control, not only on/off, but also stepwise dimming, continuous dimming, and driving. It is selective, capable of addressing control and instantaneous opening. These advantages will bring about revolutionary changes in stadium lighting operation, management, and realization:

1) Expansion of control space;

2) Changes in management methods;

3) The difference between direct control and indirect control;

4) The realization of different illumination modes is different;

5) Large-scale application of online diagnosis and remote control;

6) Realization of instant start function;

7) Realization of special stage effects.

LED and intelligent lighting system are mutually complementary to some extent, and those who do better in this regard should belong to HISHINE Group Limited. The LED sports lighting of HISHINE Group Limited has first done quite successfully in the aspects of glare and spilled light, so that these lights are no longer an unfavorable factor affecting the competition!

On the basis of lamps, HISHINE Group Limited provides customers with a complete set of information-based intelligent lighting control system solutions with its industry-leading technical advantages and rich practical engineering experience. According to this plan, the venue can better complete its functionality to cope with intricate competition projects. Therefore, intelligent lighting not only solves the problem of multi-use, but also effectively saves resources. To a certain extent, LED sports lighting and intelligent lighting systems are products of trans-epochs!

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