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Best Outdoor LED Street Lights | Outdoor LED Street Light Fixtures for Road and

Outdoor LED street lights are an integral part of road infrastructure and make a decisive contribution to traffic safety at night. The enhanced visual environment enables drivers to detect road hazards and traffic conflicts at a distance, allowing appropriate action to be taken in sufficient time. Statistics consistently show that good road visibility at night significantly reduces vehicle crashes and pedestrian fatalities.

Outdoor LED street lights are a major component of public lighting, and street and road lighting offers many benefits that are not directly related to driving. Outdoor LED street lights can deter criminal activity by increasing the fear of being discovered and create a sense of safety that enhances pedestrian confidence. Outdoor LED street lights to improve road visibility and enhance public safety may attract people into business districts, thereby boosting the nighttime economy. Outdoor LED street lights also draw attention to the streetscape and enhance the aesthetics of adjacent architectural elements. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), there is a trend to turn outdoor LED street lights into network nodes to receive, collect and transmit information.

As a result, road systems deploy a large number of outdoor LED street lights to provide visibility for drivers and pedestrians, while conveying information about the surrounding environment to both groups of viewers and possibly also to smart city platforms.

What is Outdoor LED Street Light

Outdoor LED street lights are semiconductor-based road lighting systems designed to provide people with energy-efficient, reliable and visually comfortable lighting so that people can safely use the road system in the dark.

When we talk about outdoor LED street lights that employ a specific type of lighting technology, we usually mean luminaires that are mounted on a street light pole, such as a drop, truss, or mast. Outdoor LED street lights usually include a housing, a light assembly, an optical system and a power supply. The enclosure provides support, protection, and heat dissipation for the internal components. The light assembly can be an LED light module or a conventional light bulb, usually a high intensity discharge (HID) lamp, and in some cases a fluorescent lamp. Optical systems are used to control light distribution. The power supply regulates the power supplied to LEDs or provides the proper starting and operating voltage for HID lamps.

While retrofit outdoor LED street lights typically use self-driving LED bulbs in the same form factor as the HID bulbs to be replaced, outdoor LED street lights for new-build projects generally employ integrated lighting systems with factory-assembled LED modules. An LED module is an LED package assembly on a printed circuit board (PCB), usually with an optical lens pointed toward the PCB. Direct integration of LED modules provides many benefits including efficient heat dissipation, flexible beam steering, large light emitting surface (LES), uniform light distribution and compact system form factor.

Hishine Group Hi-Slim Outdoor LED Street Light

Hi-Slim expresses a new concept in street lighting. The sleek self-cleaning design effectively prevents dirt build-up on top of the luminaire for safer and tool-free maintenance, and the proprietary optical design delivers up to 150 lm/W of light efficiency while minimizing glare and light pollution. Durable outdoor LED street lights, they illuminate only the areas that need lighting, maximizing light fixture efficiency,


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