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2040Pcs Hishine Warehouse Light From Guangdong to NewYork

Project Time: 2022.10.12


Project Location: New York

Product: 200W 175lm/W Hishine K5 Linear High Bay Light

The number of lights: 2040 pcs K5 light

Why Choose Us?

Hishine Group Limited is a high-tech enterprise established in 2005,  SMT automatic machines and other testing equipment are installed in our 20,000-square-meter workshop, ensuring the production capability and quality.

We are now the leading manufacturer and supplier of  LED stadium lightsLED sports lightsLED tennis court lightsLED street lightsLED Parking lot lightsLED Linear High Bay LightLED grow light in the world.

Your OEM and ODM projects are welcomed.

Why Choose LED High Bay Light AS Warehouse Light?

Cold Light
LEDs are usually a cold light source. Unlike other light fixtures, LEDs do not heat up when turned on. Since LEDs save up to 20% in energy costs, they help reduce the use and need for air conditioning. Likewise, cool LED lighting fixtures are a safer alternative to traditional metal halides.

More Durable
Because LED high bay lights are heavy duty manufactured, they are durable and will not degrade over time. For example, Camel high bay lights have IK07 impact resistance. Premium die-cast housing and durable glass protect the lamp from 0.5kg drops from a height of 400mm. The lamp is also designed with an excellent and efficient heat dissipation structure for improved reliability and longevity.

Energy Efficiency
LED light fixtures use less power to provide the same lumens as traditional fluorescent high bay light fixtures. So that means you'll spend less on electricity when choosing LEDs over metal halide or fluorescent lights. For example, the Camel LED high bay light provides a high luminous efficiency of 135lm/w, thereby reducing electricity bills by 60%.

Light Uniformity
According to our report, LEDs provide an 8% improvement in light uniformity compared to traditional lighting options. When you turn on the LED, you get the full lumen you need instantly. There is no lag of any kind and the lights never flicker or shake. No matter how many times you turn the LEDs on and off, you won't experience any light output issues. However, each LED chip in an LED array has a defined intensity that can create glare or make the workspace very bright, which is a problem if workers are required to look up at the face of the light fixture. For example, this can cause problems for forklift drivers when stacking taller racks. Therefore, lighting designers need to make a trade-off between higher efficacy and visual comfort.

Long-Lasting Lighting Options
LED high bay lights tend to last nearly 10 times longer than metal halide and fluorescent lamps. The average test life of LED high bay lights is 50,000 hours. By using these reliable LEDs, bulbs are replaced less frequently, so you can save a lot of time and maintenance costs in the long run.

In Conclusion
Whether you want to reduce costs or get a better lighting environment for your warehouse, LED lights are an excellent choice. LED high bay lighting solutions are definitely game changers and can make all the difference. Its flexibility, durability, performance and ease of installation make it one of the ideal options for lighting up warehouses



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