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20Pcs 1300W Hi-Robot Light up the Football Playgroud in Dubai UAE

Project: Football Playgroud Case in Dubai UAE

Project Time: 2022.8.15

Light information: 1300W Hi-Robot Stadium Light

led stadium light
Playground Size: 100 meters length and 70 meters width
The height of pole: 22 meters
Previously, 48 2000W halogen lamps were used in the stadium, but in just two years, more than a dozen of these lamps failed and could no longer be used. So he saw our previous case on our official website and found this stadium light. Our 1300W Hi-robot stadium light not only provides a 7-year warranty, but also this stadium light can withstand a typhoon of level 17, and it can also be used normally in docks and ports.
led football case in Dubai
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