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48Pcd 600W High Mast LED Lights Light Up the Frankie's Fun Park in Carolina?

 Project: Light Up the Frankie's Fun Park

Time: 2023.8.21
Address: Frankie's Fun Park Charleston, South Carolina
Product Used: 600W Hi-Shoot Light
led high mast light
Frankie's Fun Park is an entertainment hotspot that's sure to provide hours of fun for you. A good amusement park or fun center is going to be a place that both kids and the kid at heart can enjoy.
A good playground requires a good lighting system, and Frankie's Fun Park is a nationally renowned playground that covers a large area. For this project, Hishine Group Limited designed a park lake lighting system for Frankie's Fun Park.
At first, we learned about the request from the person in charge of Frankie’s Fun Park to install LED lights on six 15-meter poles. The lighting range should cover the entire lake and surrounding entertainment facilities. After fully understanding the project requirements, we started to simulate the scheme, and finally we selected our Hi-Shoot series lamps. This series of lamps has the following advantages.
1. Good wind resistance, able to withstand strong winds up to level 17.
2.190LM/W, brighter than ordinary LED lights. 600W Hi-Shoot is equivalent to a 1200W ordinary LED light.
Finally, through DIALux Evo simulation, it was found that the entire project required 48 Hi-Shoot High Mast Lights to illuminate the entire park lake.
Case Pictures
Frankie’s Fun Park
led high mast light
led high mast lighting
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