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Why Solar Lights are Becoming More Popular in Rural Areas?-Hishine
Some people wonder why so many solar street lights are installed in rural areas. Isn't it more economical to connect street lights to mains electricity? Generally speaking, in addition to considering the price, other factors must be evaluated when install....
These situations will affect the service life of led solar street lights-hishine
These situations will affect the service life of led solar street lights-hishine....
Why Use Topcoat On High Mast Lights?-hishine
The anti-rust process commonly used in street light poles is hot-rolled steel plate + hot/cold galvanizing + plastic spraying. After qualified galvanized spraying treatment, the theoretical life of the light pole is 15-20 years, that is to say, at least 1....
These kinds of wrong solar street light installation methods we want to avoid-hishine
Solar street lights rely entirely on solar panels to generate electricity to maintain their lighting. Some grass-roots construction workers do not understand the relevant knowledge of solar street lights, and there is random installation, which causes the....
How to Calculate the Optimal Height & Spacing Layout for LED Solar Street Light? hishine
LED solar lighting has become a popular choice for street lighting due to its energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. When installing LED solar street lights, it is important to calculate the ideal height and spacing layout to ensure maximum eff....
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